Marie Taillefer is a photographer and filmmaker graduated from the Vevey School of Photography (Switzerland),where she started her collaboration with acclaimed fashionphotographer Sarah Moon and launched her career with agent Renate Gallois-Montbrun. Marie now spreads her life and inspiration mainly between Paris, Venice, Vevey and Mexico City.

Over the past years Marie Taillefer has expanded her work towards a more idiosyncraticartistic narrative experimenting image-making through cross medium photography,painting and video. She captures portraits, symbols and settings from her daily life anddeconstructs them in new morphologies, charges them with sensations and perceptionsand throws them into the world in the form of explosive storytelling images aboutmoments. In her work there is a poetical intersection between photography andpainting, which is transformed into an allegorical collage tinted with disruption,irreverence and humor. Marie’s aesthetics is profoundly inspired by her life in Mexico,which she has chosen as her second home.

Substance Image 1
Substance Image 2


Earthy haze of prunus mume and licorice in filtered sunlight. Resinous ancient studdings of styrax and neroli linger over a mossy plaster studio in Belgium’s BlueForest.

50o 42.49’ N 4o 24.67’ E

14o 14.32’ N 40o 17.90’E


Life emerges from the acid baths of Dallol, Ethiopia, on the last brink of thepoet. Volatile flashes of opoponax blink open wide, stretching into dazzling appetites ofguaiacwood, vetiver and kaleidoscopic consciousness.


Still and wild after rebirth, hungry for wonder. Cleansed in onsen waters of Kyushu, Japan, brushed by marsh iris and sage of the diviners, reflected in constellations of hiba wood and armoise.

31o 46.43’ N 130o 45.10’ E



Arpa, the Institute of Synesthesia, is a research project exploring the sensory basis of consciousness and sense-blending potential, such as the flavor
of light. At arpa, fragrance transcends ordinary observation,offering an experimental and ritual pathway into synesthesia, phytohormonal sentience, and wider perceptual awareness.