Ferragus Artist

Artist Collaboration

For Arpa scent Ferragus, Marcin Rusak created an edition of 3D-printed “scent-bearing” sculptures, digitally modeled from morphed 17th-century architectural motifs. Printed in translucent biodegradable thermoplastics, then metalized in zinc, each scent-bearing sculpture comes encased in an individual PLA mold. Add drops of Arpa scent to both sculpture and mold for diffusion.

Symbiogenetic Progeny

Artist Collaboration

For Arpa scent Recedere, Anicka Yi designed a hybrid species of resin object – part undersea anemone, part fungal fruiting body – that engage Yi’s pioneering aesthetics of “technosensualism”. Augment interior environments with these novel lifeforms, at once machinic and organic.